What To Do When You've Already Lost Control of the Network: A New Playbook in the Modern Era of BYOX

Session 7, 10:45 - 12:15 | Tuesday, July 11, 2017             

In today's age of BYOX, how do you maintain security when you have already lost control over the entire security chain or parts of it? The prevailing approach to dealing with employees who have adopted cloud services is to apply a legacy approach: block the services and apps.

Employees in masse have embraced BYOX (devices, apps, what's next?) not because they have bad intentions but because they want to be more productive and collaborative. As such, any type of security that will inhibit their productivity and convenience will be circumvented. Users will always find a way around. Therefore, it's imperative to assume that if employees can find a way around security to improve their user experiences, they will.

People and their mobile devices and adoption of cloud-based apps and services are now moving around way too much, and much too fast, for outdated cybersecurity strategies to be effective. Consider that the number of cloud services an average large enterprise employs is approximately 600-700.

For enterprises to try to identify, control or block the hundreds of cloud-based apps that users have employed is frankly unsustainable. The current cloud access security broker approach will never truly catch up to the explosion of SaaS solutions and cloud storage that enterprises must defend against, making this a category of solutions perpetually in development and incredibly slow and expensive.

In this presentation, Coronet will share with attendees some considerations on what do to achieve security without affecting employee productivity.


cybersecurity expert
Guy Moskowitz
Co-founder & CEO

Guy has more than 20 years experience working in executive senior roles in the tech industry.

Guy is co-founder and CEO of Coronet, the industry's only all-in-one, SaaS-based security platform that handles every aspect of security outside an enterprise's perimeter. Prior to Coronet, he was Executive Vice President of Sales for Gilat Satellite Networks, a public company and leading provider of connectivity to rural areas. Guy joined Gilat from IXI Mobile where he served as Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales and before that spearheading the company's international operations.

Guy previously worked as Division Manager at Ness Technologies, a major system integrator and service provider, driving Sales and Marketing in the Financial Sector. He joined Ness from Amdocs, a leading vendor of Telecommunication Billing and Customer Care solutions. With Amdocs for more than seven years, Guy held a number of senior roles, from managing large scale projects to spearheading Marketing and Sales. Guy embarked on his career as the founder and CTO of Targetix, the first provider of real-time sniffers for the Internet.

He served for 5 years as a Senior Project Manager in the Israeli Defense Force. Guy has a B.S. in Mechanics and Robotics from Tel Aviv University and an M.S. in Computer Science from Weizmann Institute.